19 Best Celebrity Books & Memoirs to Read in 2022


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  • Books written by or about celebrities uncover deep personal truths and stories.
  • Our recommendations include books by actors, musicians, comedians and more.
  • This selection includes memoirs, biographies and behind-the-scenes nonfiction.

As a society, we’re fascinated by celebrities, devouring gossip magazines and binge-watching reality shows to uncover the latest drama or discover the imperfect humanity of seemingly perfect famous people. Whether you’re keen to learn about your favorite celebrity’s unique rise to fame or want to hear the deepest details of their past relationships, books written by or about celebrities can give you everything you want to know and then some.

This list of celebrity books features autobiographical anecdotes, highly researched biographies and nonfiction by some of our favorite actors, musicians, comedians and more. From brutally honest memoirs to intriguing stories about working with celebrities, here are 19 of the best celebrity books you can read right now.

19 Best Celebrity Books to Read in 2022:


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