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Borrowers who do not have regular incomes often struggle to repay, resulting in late payments or defaults. At first, it is natural that no one should be blamed for making bad decisions. However, it is important to draw a valuable lesson from a bad experience. A poor credit score will have a negative impact, especially when establishing a new line of credit; but even with a poor credit history, you can still have the loan you need.

The importance of credit ratings is no secret, especially for loan applications. Those with a bad credit score are considered high risk and therefore face consequences such as the low loan amount and the higher interest rate. However, even though credit history is essential, not all lenders need it. Nowadays, many lenders are indulgent, making their financial assistance available to those who need it.

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Looking for the cheapest loan without a guarantor

When you have a bad credit score, it is normal to have high rates. However, you can always bring home the cheapest form of credit. By opting for guaranteed loans for the unemployed even with bad credit, the risk is lower because the lender has something to keep as a “guarantee” to secure the loan. Generally, it is available to homeowners who wish to pledge their home or for anyone with a valuable object or property, such as a car, jewelry or gadgets.

With secured loans, you can borrow not only a cheaper loan but a higher amount. The terms of repayment are also flexible, but among its benefits, there is also a threat. Lenders may legitimately repossess your property in the event of default. Nevertheless, some borrowers see this as an opportunity and not a threat, as it gives them a new chance to prove they are trustworthy borrowers.

Bad credit payday loans are widely available, especially online, and the market to which they belong is very competitive. You can read a knockout post for more information about bad credit payday loans online.

Unsecured loans without guarantors

Unsecured loans without guarantors

Bad credit loans for the unemployed are not only accessible to those who own property, but they are also available to those who have nothing to promise in the form of unsecured loans. However, since the risk is not reduced, the borrower will have to face higher interest rates and a lower loan amount. In the meantime, the overall repayment will increase if they fail to settle on the loan maturity date; thus, as a borrower, you must carefully weigh your abilities before applying for a loan. Finding the exact amount you need and assessing whether you can manage it or not will help you avoid another financial crisis.

How to choose the best credit card

It was the time when credit card options were limited to two or three flags. Today, the products are vast and made available by varied institutions, such as banks and finance, in partnership with networks of retail stores, mileage programs and even supermarkets.

The large amount of offers, however, can hamper your decision on which credit card best for you.

Not to err, you need to analyze items like interest rate charged, annuity, limit, relationship with the bank and benefits that are offered. Read this text and learn how to choose the best credit card for you:

Interest rate

Interest rate

The interest rate charged is an important factor when choosing the best credit card, mainly because although it is always recommended to pay the bill in full, you need to consider partial payment in the event of any unforeseen events.

What you should note at this point is the CET (Total Effective Cost), which is the cost of taking this credit and involves interest, taxes and any other cost to the consumer. The fee is annual and your information is required. Remember that the lower the fee, the less you pay if you delay the payment.



Annuity is another relevant point in your quest for the best credit card. Many products do not charge anything at the time of hiring, but you need to be careful because the value of this fee can be saltier than the financial budget allows from the second year using the product. The Protest Simulator can be useful for analyzing products that offer the best rates and lowest annuities.

The limit you really need

The limit you really need

When deciding which credit card is best, many people fall into the trap of only staying within the limit offered. Of course, having a purchasing limit is sufficient for the consumption profile is important, however, choosing a product that offers a limit that is beyond your financial reality can prove to be very dangerous.

The most uncontrolled ones are encouraged by “credit” and begin to spend without thinking about tomorrow. Result: when the invoice arrives they realize that they do not have the money to pay the full amount. Not so much to the sea, not so much to the earth: the best credit card is one that has a limit enough for what you need and at the same time in a value that you can afford.

Relationship with the bank

Already having a relationship with the bank often facilitates the acquisition of the credit card. In addition, it is common for financial institutions to offer various types of advantages to those who are already an old customer, such as free annuity, participation in mileage programs, etc.

When it comes to choosing the best credit card for you it may be worthwhile to look first for your bank. So, be sure to check your bank’s credit card simulators. Here are the main banks: Itaú, Bradesco, Banco do Brasil and Caixa.


Benefits club, mileage system, scoring system, travel assistance … The benefits offered are also essential when choosing the best credit card. Take into consideration your lifestyle to opt for the product that will offer you more advantages to you. If you like to travel, you can choose a card that converts the amount spent in thousands, for example.

Even after finding the best credit card for you, some care in the use of the product is fundamental: avoid making the minimum payment, because even finding an option with more competitive rates, the interest of the card remains the most expensive in the market. Card is not salary extension: use it conscientiously and enjoy!


Real estate credit: ecological aid


To promote ecology, the State multiplies financial aid in the field of new or old housing. Tax credits, subsidized loans, subsidies are so many thumbnails that can be enjoyed by the consumer when signing a mortgage. Focus on ecology-related aids, their fields of application and the benefits for the individual.

Subsidies for home improvement

Subsidies for home improvement

Subsidies for ecology are granted by the local authorities and by the State.

They are intended to encourage homeowners to improve their homes through energy-saving work.

From the thermal study to the insulation work, from the heating regulation to the extension work, the individual benefits from these substantial budget envelopes designed to encourage his efforts to:

  • Home improvement
  • Sustainable development

Assisted loans

Assisted loans

In order to support a number of housing improvement projects, some public and private organizations offer loans with extremely favorable conditions. It’s about :
The agreed loan granted for some energy-saving work but also to help Mr. Motor purchase a home and build a principal residence.
Eco-PTZ or eco-loan at zero rates favoring the acquisition of more energy-efficient housing.

It should be noted that the improvement works can also be financed thanks to the eco-PTZ up to 30 000 €.

The tax credit

The tax credit

Combined with the zero-rated eco-loan – means-tested – the tax credit is an incentive tax system that aims to reduce the production of greenhouse gases. There are many investments targeted by this measure, for example:

  • Condensing heating equipment and heating control devices
  • Equipment that uses renewable energy to produce energy: photovoltaic, heat pump or solar energy sensors in others
  • Thermal insulation of ceilings, hot water pipes, roof terrace, walls, and floors, etc.

Depending on the work and equipment, but also depending on the age of the dwelling, the rate of the tax credit can be 25 or 40%.

It even reaches 50% for the purchase and installation of equipment that produces heat through renewable energy.

Ecological aid: what benefits for the consumer?

We can only appreciate all this aid in favor of the ecology from which the consumer derives the following benefits:

  • A more comfortable place to live: ecological aids allow the poorest income to access innovative equipment that can improve the comfort of the home
  • More energy-efficient housing: whether in the new or the old, the consumer can be equipped with energy-saving equipment thanks to state aid for ecology
  • A financial advantage: for example, the interest rates for real estate loans for ecology are lower than those for other loans. Some loans are even free and/or have a deferred period
  • A better secure habitat
  • His health and that of his family preserved thanks to the work of improvement of the habitat.

Loans of 5000 euros without payroll: online quote and installment calculation

We discover the loans of 5000 euros without payroll, with the necessary requirements to be able to receive them by contacting the main banks. So we will see which are the alternative guarantees that we will have to present at the time of the request and how to calculate a free online quote to know in a few clicks the repayment rate and the interest rates.

Loans of 5000 euros without payroll: requirements and guarantees


The aspect that most of all represents a problem when we are looking for the 5000 euro loan that is right for us concerns the necessary requirements to be able to request it. Each bank defines its own parameters to grant or not a loan, which primarily concerns the client’s personal data and then the income guarantees that these can provide to the company. In this sense the best guarantee is represented by the payslip, which can therefore be presented exclusively by employees. In the event that you find yourself in the situation of requesting a loan of 5,000 euros but you are without a payslip, several banks offer you the possibility of getting the money you need.

To apply for a 5000 euro loan without a payslip it is necessary to present alternative guarantees to the bank. The first solution is aimed at self-employed workers. This category of customers does not have the possibility to guarantee a fixed income every month, however through the presentation of the last income declaration the customer can demonstrate to have good earnings and therefore to be reliable. In this case the income tax return will be evaluated by an expert who will be able to define the maximum installment that can be dealt with by the client and consequently a positive or negative outcome will be given to the loan request. In the case of loans of 5,000 euros, although there are no paychecks, there are usually no particular problems as the amount requested is not very high and consequently the repayment installments will not be particularly high.

Those who do not have the possibility to present any income guarantee are the unemployed. Despite this, even in this case several companies provide a financing option without a payslip specifically designed for this category of customers. The alternative guarantee to the payslip that can be presented at the time of requesting a loan of 5,000 euros is the signature of a guarantor. So when we go to the branch to request our loan we will have to present a person who can provide the income guarantees required for us. Therefore it is necessary that our guarantor is an employee, a pensioner or a self-employed person.

In fact it will be as if the loan were paid to our guarantor, while the beneficiaries of the 5000 euro loan will be only us. Therefore, based on the repayment plan agreed upon when the contract was stipulated, we will have to pay the installments we have fixed every month. In the event that we are not able to make payments by the due date, the guarantor will be in charge of the expense. This is why the loan without payroll is the best solution for all the unemployed, who will get the same treatment as employees and retirees.

Loan without payroll Bank from 5000 euros: online quote


The first company to which you can turn to get a loan without a € 5,000 paycheck is Bank. The type of loan is that of personal loan, which, as shown on the company’s website, can be requested by presenting a guarantor. Bank offers its customers and any visitor to the website the opportunity to make a free online quote to immediately know the characteristics of the loan. All we have to do is specify the project we intend to carry out and the amount we need. To provide you with a vision of what the economic treatment offered by Bank is, we used the simulator to find out the features of the Bank loans for 5000 euros to cover the costs of a vacation.

The first financing option proposed to us is the one that provides the lightest installment of all. In this case the duration will be 48 months, with repayment installments of 120.80 euros and interest rates Tan 7.45% and Taeg 7.71%. This solution is the best if you are looking for financing with light installments, in order to pay them without problems. In this case, however, the interest-related cost is higher than the options with fewer installments. For example, an excellent solution that is always presented to us by the simulator is the one with a duration of 24 months. In the Bank loan estimate with repayment in 2 years we find a repayment installment of 224.90 euros, with interest rates Tan 7.45% and Taeg 7.71%.

Simulation of the Bank loan of 5 thousand euros with installment calculation

Another company that offers excellent financing options from 5000 euros without payroll is Bank. This financial is undoubtedly among the best to turn to for a personal loan even if you are not an employee. The alternative guarantee to be presented is always the same, namely the signature of a guarantor. If you want to apply for this form of financing, even in this case we advise you to proceed with the online simulation of the 5000 euro loan. In this case, just enter the desired amount and the simulator will present you with all the solutions offered by the company.

One of the characteristics that determine the great success of the personal loans Bank is the flexibility regarding the duration. In this case it is in fact possible to choose to repay even in 120 installments even for a small loan of 5000 euros. The monthly installments will be only 58.40 euros, while the Tan interest rates 6.91% and Taeg 8.33%. Since the amount is quite low, our advice is to limit the repayment duration as much as possible. So for example you can choose to repay in 36 installments of 151.20 euros, with interest rates Tan 4.94% and Taeg 6.96%, or even in 24 installments of 221.40 euros, with Tan 4.94% and Taeg 7.39%.

Loans without payroll Private Bank of 5000 euros: free online quote


The last company, but not in order of importance, to which we advise you to contact if you are looking for a loan of 5000 euros is Private Bank. The characteristics of the loan are very similar to those we have seen for other credit institutions. To identify the most cost-effective loan without payroll, we recommend comparing the estimates of various banks and financial institutions. For this reason we have calculated the free online quote by connecting to the Private Bank website. In this case the duration goes from a minimum of 24 months up to a maximum of 84 months.

As we have also done for the loans offered by other credit institutions, also in this case, first of all, let’s see what are the characteristics of the loan that provides the lightest installment of all. In this case it obviously corresponds to the duration of 84 months. The monthly repayment installments will be from 84.40 euros, while Tan interest rates 9.90% and Taeg 11.59%. The ideal duration obviously depends on the economic availability of the applicant, however, as we have often said, it is preferable to choose the lowest possible duration, among those that are obviously affordable. In this case the minimum duration may also be advisable, considering that it is equal to 2 years and therefore not too low. However, the repayment installment seems to be affordable, since it is a question of paying € 235.10 every month. As for the annual interest rates, these will be slightly higher than in the case seen above, since we will have a 9.90% Tan and a 13.33% Taeg, however overall the amount we will pay for interest will be much lower.

A good credit card without interest for over a month

Having a credit card becomes obvious, one can even say that they are getting into our possession more and more often. The most important thing is that we realize more and more often what they can be used for. There is a lot of talk about credit cards, not always in a positive way, but there is no doubt that they are an interesting alternative in terms of solutions, services and products offered by banks.

What are credit cards?

What are credit cards?

The credit card is called a banking product that offers us access to the money that the bank actually has. Everything within the limit granted to us, and therefore it is nothing else than a clearly defined amount of credit that we can freely use. The amount we can use depends directly on our income and sometimes also on the credit history itself, and other factors that affect it.

It is therefore safe to say that the credit card is the opportunity to use a specific credit line that the bank will grant us. It is renewed every month, so we do not have to apply for it all the time. Thanks to this, we save our time and there is no need to undergo thorough verification or sharing any documents. In addition, if we return the money we have borrowed at the agreed time, the credit card does not generate any costs.

Often, we do not appreciate the features and functions of credit cards, and thus we forget that the funds available on them are at our disposal. Especially when we need a small amount of money for a clearly defined period of time.

What are the costs of using a credit card?

What are the costs of using a credit card?

Let it not be a surprise if, with the right approach, using a credit card will not cost us anything. On the other hand, remember that after exceeding a certain date, some expenses will appear. The interest rate on the credit card often varies from 30-40%, therefore it is not low, and with time it may actually turn out to be high with the amount we used. However, this does not change the fact of the usefulness of credit cards themselves, arguments in their favor or even specific reasons why their possession has the most reasonable grounds.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a credit card?

What should we pay attention to when choosing a credit card?

Before we decide to make a credit card and sign a contract with the bank, we should first analyze the terms. Think about whether this is an adequate solution for us. Here, it is very important to pay attention to the interest-free period, the interest rate or the cost that the credit card generates in terms of its specific use or rules related to the use of such an option.
For many people credit card is a convenience and thus a convenient form of payment. Especially when we stay outside our country or take into account all the possibilities it generates.



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