Small Payday Loan – Definition: What is a small loan?

What is a small payday loan? The term bagatell means trifle. A small payday loan is therefore a small payday loan with a maximum payout of 200 euros . Small credits are used in most cases to bridge a small financial bottleneck. Usually, the small payday loan is a consumer loan, which can be used […]

How do banks consider loan applications?

In order to approve a loan, a number of criteria need to be met by the applicant. Have you thought about how it is possible that a bank will not approve a request that looks good, but will approve a loan to an applicant that you yourself would not borrow at all? Banks are considering […]

Responsible Loan

Trust We value relationships with our clients that are based on responsibility and trust. Developed a customer approach that is personalized and reliable. What distinguishes us from other lenders? We believe that the basis of a good relationship is trust, so we always trust our customers and consider them our friends. This allows us to […]